AJE: Out of the Shadows

Assistant Editor, Cinematographer // Of the half a billion people worldwide currently suffering from mental illness, three quarters live in the developing world.

In the poorest countries, governments spend very little on mental health care, leaving their citizens disproportionately affected by this crippling disease. And where access to appropriate healthcare is extremely limited, more often than not, the communities surrounding sufferers fail to understand their condition. Sick people are left isolated, or worse: forced to undergo tortuous, humiliating and terrifying treatment at the hands of relatives or community and religious leaders.

Dr. Vikram Patel weighs in on a number of community-based organizations in the developing world, fighting to provide mental health care where there is none available. Aired on People and Power on Al Jazeera English, on October 28.

Winner of a 2016 One World One Media Award in the Short Film category.

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A series of more comprehensive stories from Togo, Benin, India, and Jordan, were also published through UBC’s Global Reporting Centre on this site.